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Administrative Contact:
Mary Nguyen
Nanofabrication Facility
3605 Cullen Blvd, Rm 1009
Houston, TX 77204-5062
Phone: 713-743-4101
Email: dknguyen [at] uh [dot] edu

Technical Contact:
Long Chang
Nanofabrication Facility
3605 Cullen Blvd, Rm 1007A
Houston, TX 77204-5062
Phone: 713-743-5235
Email: lvchang [at] central [dot] uh [dot] edu

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The UH Nanofabrication Facility provides two programs though which the community can benefit from our cutting edge equipment:

Under this program researchers are granted access to come in person and use our equipment to pursue their own research and fabrication projects....

We are now offering a fabrication service in an effort to make the facility available to researchers who are either too far away from us or who...