Atomic Force Microscope
Name: Veeco Dimensions 3000 Atomic Force Microscope
Mfr.: Veeco
Model: Dimensions 3000
Type: Atomic Force Microscope
The Veeco 3000 uses a sharp probe to trace contours on a surface but instead of taking one profile it raster back and forth over the sample surface creating a topographic map of height vs. x and y position.
Name: Alpha-Step 200 Profilometer
Mfr.: Tencor
Model: Alpha-Step 200
Type: Profilometer
The Alpha-Step 200 creates is used to view profiles of a sample surface. A sharp probe moves in a line along the surface, moving up or down when features on the surface are encountered. It is used to measure trench depth or step heights on a surface.
Name: Leitz Microscope
Mfr.: Leitz/Leika
Model: 20448026
Type: Inspection Microscope
Reflected light optical microscope with magnification up to 200x.
Name: Olympus Inspection Microscope
Mfr.: Olympus
Model: BHMJL
Type: Inspection Microscope
Optical microscope with magnification up to 800x.